MaMa's Hot Soup - Made from Scratch | Mama Jean's Natural Market

Every morning, as we prepare our signature soups, our kitchens are warmed with rich and savory aromas. We chop our farm fresh veggies, slow cook our own stock, and use the finest quality herbs and spices in every batch. We source our meat carefully, ensuring hormone and antibiotic-free protein, and always have vegetarian soup options available. Our chefs are proud to use as many local and organic ingredients as possible. You’ll never ever catch us using artificial flavors or thickening agents in our soups.

We have 3 different portion sizes available, perfect for every appetite. Enjoy our soup in the comfort of our dining areas, or take it to-go and savor it at home. However you spoon, sip or slurp our soup, we’re confident you’ll join many of our customers who tell us it’s the best in town.

By taking the time and selecting freshly prepared ingredients over frozen or pre-packaged soups, we can proudly serve our community both comfort and nourishment. Nothing warms a winter chill like a hot soup and no one can make a soup from scratch quite like MaMa. Come cozy up with a bowl today.

Winter Soup Weekly Menu

Sunday - Beef Chili & Black Bean Quinoa Chili

Monday - Creamy Chicken with Wild Rice & Coconut Curry Vegetable

Tuesday - Cheeseburger & Cream of Mushroom with Wild Rice

Wednesday - Chicken Gnocchi & Mamas Vegetable


Thursday - Lasagna & Quinoa Corn Chowder

Friday - Chorizo and Cod Soup & Spicy Black Bean

Saturday - Chicken Noodle & Lemony Spinach Artichoke


*Our East Sunshine and Republic Rd. locations will have 2 additional soups avaialble that vary by day.