Local or Organic. That's It. | Mama Jean's Natural Market

Local or Organic. That’s it! This is our guarantee to you. No need to search for quality when shopping for your fruits and vegetables. MaMa Jean’s makes it easy by only sourcing produce that is locally grown or certified organic. Our local farmers practice organic techniques, so our local produce has the same standards as our organic produce. Conventional produce, which is what you find in most grocery stores, is often times sprayed with harmful chemicals to repel insects and to prevent weeds. Conventional farming is also horrible for the environment since they strive for high yields and often plant the same crop year after year, which can led to plant diseases and pathogens. Plus when you shop local you are reducing your carbon footprint since the produce does not have to travel as far and you are helping our community be sustainable. From the farm to your dinner table, MaMa Jean’s Natural Market is your local source of quality produce!