Black Chia Seeds - Bulk | Mama Jean's Natural Market

The exceptional thing about chia is not only its nutritional content, but the unique absorbability of those properties, which include omegas, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, antioxidants and calcium. Unlike other seeds, the shell around the chia seed is completely penetrated in the digestive system, opening it up for absorption. To get all the nutrients from, say a flax seed, you must crack or grind it to break that protective hard layer guarding its center. But watch, as chia seeds sit in a glass of water, and you will see it change before your eyes. The seed’s exterior softens, making it a gel, which not only renders the center digestible, but gently guides the fibrous seed through your digestive system without discomfort.

If you’ve seen a chia seed, you may be wondering, “Are all those goodies really concentrated in this tiny thing?” It’s true. The pure, unprocessed seed houses fabulous benefits and a mild, nutty flavor making them perfect to sprinkle into just about everything. Crunchy when dry and gelatinous when wet, chia seeds are great on salads, baked goods, beverages, yogurt, cereal- the list goes on and on and on. As we learned a few decades ago, they are also incredibly easy to sprout.

As this trend in the natural food market catches on, don’t be surprised to see chia seeds in kombuchas, oatmeal, breads and juices on the grocery shelf. Buy them in bulk and add them yourself for noticeable savings.