Your Resolution Destination


Resolution. This time of year, that “r word” starts getting thrown around a lot. You can’t be surprised when someone asks you about your resolutions for the new year, but even the idea can be exhausting. The stress of the holiday season can take a toll on your body and weaken even the strongest resolve. As years come and go, many of us have let the new year’s resolution fall to the wayside with old workout equipment and protein powders.

But what if we changed our approach to the whole thing entirely? Instead of maintaining a tradition of frustration and failure, what if we entered the new year focusing on different r-words like restart, renew, and replenish”.

While it’s true that January 1 isn’t a magical clean slate, that doesn’t mean there isn’t still some excitement in the idea of a new year. On the path to consistently improve our quality of life, it’s appropriate to reflect on the positive changes we want to create for ourselves. So go ahead and ask yourself, what is your goal for 2017? Maybe you want to invest in your community by shopping locally. Maybe you want to conquer a new recipe every week or reduce your carbon footprint by shopping in bulk. Thinking of changing your eating habits entirely and becoming more active? Want to reduce stress, maybe even quit smoking? You can do it! And we want to help. Anyone can tell you, these improvements take time, discipline, and a supportive community. We at MaMa Jean’s want to be your support system, making every step on your journey as easy as possible.Your body is a wonderful and incredible thing. It’s not your enemy, it is a gift, and a hard-working one at that. Whether or not you enter 2017 with a resolution, we encourage you to focus on ways to Restart, Renew, and Replenish your amazing body.


Forget the missteps of the past. When it comes to self-improvement, we have the opportunity to begin again any time we choose. There is no limit to how many times we are allowed to hit the restart button. Every year, even every morning, is a chance at a fresh start. If you’ve fallen off course, get up and dust off your shoulders because the time to start again is now.


When it comes to making choices about food, no one is perfect. Instead of writing January’s grocery list from a place of guilt or punishment, think of each healthy choice as a reward for the body. Every nutritious meal is sharpening and honing your greatest tool, one day at a time. We want to provide you with the most delicious and high-quality options for honoring your body. Start with plenty of colorful, living produce and fill in the blanks with fibrous whole grains, local meat, hormone-free dairy, and delicious spices. Our shelves are full of allergen-free, non-gmo, and certified organic options for every lifestyle.



A deep breath can change everything. Not only does it aid in mental clarity, but it has immense physical benefits. Increased oxygen flow calms the nerves and can improve brain function, organ efficiency and even digestion. The benefits of a deep breath are felt immediately and you can use this tool anytime, anywhere. Go ahead and take a deep breath right now.


If you’re interested in making meditation a part of your new year, you’re in for a treat. But meditation is more than mindless chants in restful positions. There is a discipline required to quiet our minds and emotions. But the payoff is well worth the time and effort.

Read more about the benefits of mediation here: Meditate

Drink Tea

Sit back, relax and enjoy the the aroma of a delicious cup of herbal tea. It is a soothing way to unwind after a busy day. We carry a wide variety of teas at MaMa Jean’s, formulated to support rest and relaxation.


One of the most common new year’s resolutions is also one of the most difficult. If you want to see your health improve in multiple ways, perhaps the time has come to put out the cigarette once and for all. There are a variety of herbs and supplements which can be helpful in this cause including lobelia for cigarette cravings, ginger root for nausea, St. John’s Wort for depression, passion flower for irritability, and rhodiola for energy. To find these herbs, along with specifically formulated supplements to help kick the habit, come by any MaMa Jean’s and someone in our supplement department will be happy to assist you.  


How’s your vitamin cabinet looking? Whatever your health-related goal for 2017, quality supplements can help you get there faster. We are proud of our selection of supplements which offer so many benefits for a variety of health concerns. Give yourself a running start on the new year by cleaning out the old and stocking up on new and exciting options on the market today. These products provide essential nutrients when diet alone isn’t enough. By selecting whole food and quality sourced supplements, you give your body digestible fuel to maximize results. Not sure where to start? Our supplement departments are staffed with knowledgeable individuals eager to help.

For further reading, we’ve compiled helpful resources for you here:


The word replenish means “to restore.” Where there once was depletion, you have the opportunity to refill. What will take the place of the holiday madness? More stress? More unhealthy choices as you procrastinate change? The choice is yours. January means an empty calendar, just waiting to be filled. The possibilities are truly exciting.

Replenish your time with detoxifying walks, meditation, and self-care. Replenish your system with fiber and probiotics. Replenish winter skin with aloe-rich products and plenty of hydration. Replenish your fridge and pantry with nutrient-rich whole food options. Celebrate the boundless potential of a new year with MaMa Jean’s. We are your community of cheerleaders, supporters, friends and neighbors, ready to take on another exciting year together.

From our family to yours, here’s to a very happy and healthy 2017!