Products with a Purpose: Holy Kombucha

Holy Kombucha is a socially conscious retailer based out of Dallas, Texas. Their refreshing business plan allows you to help others, while also taking care of yourself. Holy Kombucha’s mission is to brew the freshest and highest quality kombucha, while also raising awareness and helping organizations who are trying to eliminate human trafficking.

Ten percent of Holy Kombucha’s profits go to a nonprofit that is picked quarterly by social media fans. These nonprofits tend to be local to Texas but can also be national or international. In the past they have given ten percent of their profits to Sow the Seed, a nonprofit that provides shelter and food to those in need in India.

On top of giving back ten percent of their profits to help end modern-day slavery, Holy Kombucha also collaborates with Rainforest Partnership, who help with anti-deforestation in South America.



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