Equal Exchange


Fair trade. It’s a phrase that most coffee consumers hear on a frequent basis. Once an ideal, then a lofty standard and now a more common certification, this phrase holds a world of meaning when it comes to imported goods. But what does it mean? To put it most simply, Fair Trade is a certification which helps to prevent first world exploitation of other countries and communities by fairly supporting the farmers, producers and manufacturers for the services they provide.

Fair trade companies pay more for their products, but the benefits go beyond just a higher wage and include labor rights, safe and sustainable production methods, as well as better working (and sometimes living) conditions. We are proud to carry a huge range of fair trade products, including sugars, chocolates, handmade baskets and coffee from wonderful companies like Equal Exchange.

Equal Exchange is a certified organic coffee company committed to taking fair trade a step further. They are actively prioritizing their farmers by making some of the most ethically grown and traded coffee beans available. By sidestepping the typical for-profit business model and creating an authentic cooperative, they can proudly state that they are farmer owned. That means that, in place of outside shareholders looking to turn a quick profit, they have over 100 workers with an equal share and equal vote in their business. The same people who produce the product and work the land are able to directly influence the company. It doesn’t get fairer than that.