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Our Deli:

In the summer of 2016 we celebrated the grand opening of our 4th and most unique location: MJ’s Market & Deli at 900 E Battlefield. Those who attended will remember the full house, the lovely live music, and delicious samples at every turn. That celebration was more than just a one-time event, it was the beginning of a special chapter for MaMa Jean’s.


Since 2002, when we were a handful of bright-eyed staff members and a little bitty inventory, we have kept an oven on for our community – at 350 degrees, to be exact. Back in the day, it was one little oven whose sole purpose was to turn out a couple batches of our famous baked tofu every week. But the tofu sandwiches were just the beginning. As the store grew, so did the hand-prepared menu items.

When it comes to food, people can be particular. That’s why we were so honored to find our shelves cleared out week after week, first at South Campbell, and then at our Republic Road location. Simple lunch options were introduced, as was our first smoothie and juice menu, and before we knew it we were expanding the Republic Road location and moving into our first commercial kitchen space. This leap launched our hot sandwiches, fresh salads, breakfast service, and bakery items. At every turn, our customers actively participated in forming our Deli, providing feedback, submitting requests, and enthusiastically welcoming expansion.


Fourteen years from our first tofu sandwich, we are proud to open MJ’s Market and Deli. With this location, we are able to offer our customers a greater variety of prepared foods than ever before, along with a warm, casual dining experience. And as the name suggests, our Deli inventory also includes many items from MaMa Jean’s Market, including grocery, bulk, and even household items.


While you can certainly enjoy MJ’s Deli creations at any MaMa Jean’s location, this store boasts more than just our most central Springfield address. Here are just a few things we are excited to share with you at MJ’s Market & Deli:



Over the years, our kitchen has evolved many times. The natural foods industry has given us exciting new ways to prepare wholesome nutritious foods. Talented and experienced individuals have sought out the MaMa Jean’s apron and lent their own style and flair. But the most important person shaping the direction of our deli has always been you – our customer.
Thank you and bon apetit!





Some notes about our products:

MJ’s Market & Deli strives to incorporate organically and/or locally grown foods whenever possible.  When conventional produce is used, it comes only from the clean 15 list. It’s our commitment to use the highest-quality ingredients to provide nutritious and delicious foods for you.

• All fresh pressed juices are made with 100% organic produce

• Our whole food smoothies are never made with corn syrup, refined sugar or artificial sweeteners, over 90% of ingredients are organic

• All grain salads are made fresh with non-GMO grains

• We only use meat raised without hormones, antibiotics or other additives, including nitrates and nitrites

• All soups, prepared salads and salad dressings are freshly prepared in MJ’s kitchen

• All fresh produce on MJ’s salad bar is certified organic

Some ingredients may occasionally (and very temporarily) be adjusted due to availability. If you have any questions regarding your food, please feel free to ask one of our associates.