Brazil Nuts


Brazil Nuts, with their unique crunch and earthy flavor, are native to both Brazil and Bolivia. These nuts are still harvested by hand from the Brazil Nut Tree and boast a variety of health benefits. These benefits include fiber, vitamin e, magnesium, selenium (a mineral rich in antioxidants) and heart healthy omega-6 fats.

The natural oils in the Brazil nut can cause them to go rancid easily. Buying in bulk, where our bins are constantly filled and rotated, helps to ensure the freshest possible product. If you plan on buying enough to last a while, store them in the refrigerator for a longer shelf life.

This month, MaMa Jean’s Deli has created a simple and delicious smoothie featuring this bulk item of the month. For a healthy, whole food smoothie with the power of Brazil nuts, blend together:

1 C almond milk
½ C strawberries
½ C blueberries
½ C raspberries
½ C Brazil nuts
Add honey and cinnamon to taste

For best results, use frozen fruit. If using fresh fruit, add a bit of ice to thicken.